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Local Council Contacts

Cllr Mike Collins, Chair
T: 01547 540640

Cllr Cheryl Woolley, Vice-Chair
T: 01547 540180

Cllr James Davidson
T: 01547 540226

Cllr Emma Gorbutt
T: 01547 540378

Cllr John Evans
T: 01547 540539

Cllr Richard Edwards
T: 01547 540361

Cllr Jonathan Hopkinson
T: 01547 540422

Cllr Jonathan Catling
T: 07811 585639

Cllr Nigel Offer
T: 01547 540887

Paul Russell, Clerk to the Council
The Reading Room, High Street, Leintwardine SY7 0LZ
Home Address:
2 Church Road, Knighton, Powys LD7 1EB

T: 01547 529025 or 07772 657446
E: leintwardinegpc@gmail.com

Other Contacts
Herefordshire Council: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/

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